What is a Montage
Thursday, June 09, 2016
By Magik Photography
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A Montage is a way to capture an activity or an event and make it really unique and extraordinary to the subject. For example this young man has had a football in his hand since he was in the crib. His love of football and intensity for the game is absolutely displayed here. This is a unique photography session scheduled independently from any other type of session. This is a stand alone product and is more than a collage. It is a piece of art with layers and layers of embedded details to seize the moment. The graphic designer completely captured his love of the game. This is one of our favorite senior picture type of sessions to do. However, this art can be transformed into any life event. We have created montages for theater, about every sport you can image and we are just itching to do one for a first birthday. When you want something really memorable this is the perfect product to use. Give us a call! 248-766-3413

Am I being over charged???
Friday, May 06, 2016
By Magik Photography
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What do senior pictures cost?  The simple answer, it depends on what you want to pay for.  For 11 school years most people complain about how terrible their child's school picture is.  High school graduation is a time to have an opportunity for a professional photographer create your son or daughter's high school legacy.  However, this doesn't mean you have to get a second mortgage.  We all understand the costs of senior year and having kids.  But, it does however mean you should invest a little bit.  Photographers easily spend over $20,000 in equipment in order to get the best possible images.  Photography is more than setting your camera on "auto" and pushing a button.  It's math, it's science, understanding light, it's understanding people, it's learning the most flattering poses based on gender, body shape, size of nose, the positioning of the eyes. And so on and so forth.  It's knowing how to direct your clients what to wear and not wear and most importantly it's about creating a relationship between photographer and subject.  Anyone can click a button but if you are paying for a quality professional photographer, you are paying them to deliver a finished product that you will cherish a lifetime.  What does it cost?  It is the amount needed to obtain what you are looking for.  If you want to learn more about us, go to magikphotography.com.  

No Session Fee Pricing
Wednesday, April 27, 2016
By Magik Photography
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So what does no session fee mean anyway?  It means we assume all the risk.  We complete your photography session, edit the work and apply artistry, prepare a digital slide show for your proofing meeting, and meet with you again.  All of this at absolutely no cost to you.  It’s free.  You never have to feel like you paid for something you didn’t want.   It's not until after all the work is done do you have the opportunity to purchase.  We assume all the risk.  The risk to us is shown in the form of use on our equipment and hours upon hours of time spent without collecting a fee.  With that said when you love your images, and you will, only at that time do you purchase a product.  Then we will guide you through the process and help you decide what is right for you and your family. 

So when shopping for a photographer remember to look at the extra costs found in session fees.  With other photographers, keep in mind if you don’t like your images you are stuck.  You have already spent the money and you are invested.  Now what are you going to do? 

For our graduating seniors, we did market research to ascertain what the most important print size/quantity was and is important to you and your family.  The picture packages were uniquely created for you.   Keep us in mind for all your family photography needs.

Extraordinary vs Ordinary (Lighting)
Thursday, April 21, 2016
By Magik Photography
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Proper lighting is absolutely key in transforming ordinary into extraordinary photography! When looking for a photographer you want to make sure you inspect their work.

Notice how flat the natural lighting senior picture shot (first photo) is in comparison to the additive lighting shot (second photo). The additive lighting shot has three dimensional depth, warmth and drama. The photo tells the story of a young man excited about his future who is about to embark on a path to becoming a lawyer or another type of professional. Whereas the natural light is flat and boring tells a story of hey I was in town with my mom and she took a picture of me here. Another thing to watch for is dark circles around the eyes; we call this raccoon eyes. Lighting is absolutely key. Many environmental photographers don't even use portable studio style lighting when shooting outdoors (Kelley the professional photographer can chime in with the proper terms) but the point is knowing what you are paying for.  We look forward in serving you in all your families photography needs ie; senior pictures, maternity pictures, 1st birthday photos, family photos, and all your general photography needs for special occasions or events.

Kelley here:  Directional lighting adds drama and sculpts the face of the subject. It's what sets the professional apart from the novice. Too many people who own a DSLR camera think they're photographers. The problem: they're merely getting "snapshots."

Behind the Camera – How to avoid getting mediocre images at your photography session
Wednesday, April 13, 2016
By Karen Schantz
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Karen here, I’m Kelley’s business partner and more importantly friend.  We are going to be sharing with you more frequently so you can get a glimpse of what happens behind the camera. 

In a world filled with ways to capture digital images, I thought I would start off this series by sharing a little about Kelley and why she is so fantastic at what she does.   So in my observation here is my top 3 of why Kelley is a must have:

1.       She is completely passionate about photography and specifically family and senior pictures.  How many times have you dealt with someone that is lackadaisical about their job and you wonder “wow person you should be doing something else”.  You can’t fake that kind of passion Kelley has for her craft and that passion is demonstrated in her art behind the camera.

2.       Oh to see into the mind of that girl.  Every image she takes tells a story.  Some of my favorite Kelley times are when she explains to me what she was thinking when she takes an image (this topic will be a future post). 

3.       And lastly, it seems like this should be obvious but it surprises me the more I am around this business that not all paid photographers are skilled enough to be qualified to warrant being paid for their work.   Wow that is a huge statement (ok here is another future topic for discussion).  It takes certain lighting, camera settings, a certain eye and so much more.  Oh the list could go on and on.  Kelley gives a very high level of professionalism as well as she is a master of her craft.  That mind of hers never shuts down and she is always looking for new ways to capture a graduating senior or family shot.  Her love of photography is transported into every image she takes and she is truly a professional photographer.  You won’t get mediocrity with her, ever!